Trompe l’Oeil painting “Great Petrus vintage”.

Trompe l’Oeil is usually translated as ‘full the eye’ . It’s one of my favorite styles of painting which creates an illusion of 3 dimensions. I am posting here one of my old paintings of a wine bottle of Petrus 1947- it was a great vintage . On my website you can see many differentContinue reading “Trompe l’Oeil painting “Great Petrus vintage”.”

Street singer with Guitar in Rome. Beginning of a new painting

I devote my new painting to all Italians who are on quarantine now and who sing and play music from their balconies. I started a new painting recently and it is based on my photos and memories of visiting Rome. One of my favorite piazzas in Rome is Piazza Fiori. It is a beautiful flowersContinue reading “Street singer with Guitar in Rome. Beginning of a new painting”

I miss Venice. Starting a new painting.

I am starting a new painting – and that image is of detail, few first strokes. It is loosely based on some photos of my previous visit to magical Venice. As we all are self-isolated and keep social distances at this time of pandemic, we should stay positive. It’s good for our immune system asContinue reading “I miss Venice. Starting a new painting.”

Different opinions. Sketch for portrait of 2 dogs.

This image is of my sketch for future portrait of 2 dogs commission. From many photos which I received of those dogs I could use 4 only, where the photos were taken in good light and on eye level. I had to combine faces in some photos with bodies from another 2 photos – toContinue reading “Different opinions. Sketch for portrait of 2 dogs.”