New Trompe l’Oeil 2022. Underpainting – in progress

Trompe l’Oeil – is always one of my favorite styles of painting. On that photo – detail in progress of a new Trompe l’Oeil. As always on that step I check the values and modify the form. So much work ahead before that painting will be done. Acquire my work-> or learn: How to commission aContinue reading “New Trompe l’Oeil 2022. Underpainting – in progress”

Trompe l’Oeil tile. Monk, grapes and wine

On that photo – one more of my Trompe l’Oeil paintings. This one is done as illusion of tile. It is painted on canvas and stretched on the board. 21×31 Avalable on -> Or just contact artist for inquiries-> Detail close up photo-below- How to commission a portrait or a custom Art ->

Barcelona. First painting finished in 2022. Artist Tatiana Rugers

I started that painting in 2021 and finished today on January 6th 2022. Detail of that painting is below. It is 36″x24″ and will be available on my website  –>art for sale by Tatiana Rugers –> How to commission a portrait or a custom Art ->

Vineyard Mural 14 years later. Custom mural on canvas

I was recently contacted by a new owners of the house for which 14 years ago I painted 3 large murals on canvas. Two photos I am posting here are : First photo- in my studio 14 years ago when I finished one of the murals. Mural was installed back then but I never visitedContinue reading “Vineyard Mural 14 years later. Custom mural on canvas”