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Commission a portrait.

Process, Pricing & details

When you are interested in commissioning a painting- where to start?

It is exciting process and please know that you will enjoy it! I am happy to offer a free consultation, in person or over the phone, to discuss your ideas . I recommend that you be prepared to answer these questions:
1) Who/what is the painting of?
2) What is the occasion of commissioning this painting?
3) What is the size of the painting you would like to be? What room/ space you are planning it will hang? (That would help to determine the best size, pose, etc.
4) What style of the portrait you want to be: formal, casual, indoors, outdoors,etc.?
5) What is your budget? (Please check my pricing below)
6) When do you need it finished?

The price varies based on several factors.

  • Portrait size; most common sizes are 18×24, 36×24, and 30×40 inches
  • The complexity : number of people, backgrounds, etc;
  • Painting from life or photo;
  • The quality of the photo reference

Pets portraits prices start with $250 for 6″x6″ and go up depending on size, etc. Portraits of a person or group of people range from $350 (6″x6″) and go up to $10,000 or higher: depending on size, number of people, etc.

Portrait’s quality depends significantly on the quality of a reference photo; Please contact the artist for advise on photos (angles, light, etc) and try to use professional reference photo to maximize the potential of the painting. 

You can see examples/sizes/prices on page For Sale–> Giclees of my complete paintings are also available in different sizes- starting with $45.

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