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Commission. “Sunshine Tuscany girl”
Portrait commission of Dr.Scolaro. Brandon, Florida$7,000

Commission a portrait.

Process, Pricing & details

When painting, my main goal  is not to make exact photographic copy but to capture and enhance the essence of the person or subject, emotions and beauty of the momentArtist Tatiana Rugers

When you are interested in commissioning a painting- where to start?

It is exciting process and please know that you will enjoy it! I am happy to offer a free consultation, in person or over the phone, to discuss your ideas . I recommend that you be prepared to answer these questions:
1) Who/what is the painting of?
2) What is the occasion of commissioning this painting?
3) What is the size of the painting you would like to be? What room/ space you are planning it will hang? (That would help to determine the best size, pose, etc.)
4) What style of the portrait you want it to be: formal, casual, indoors, outdoors, etc.?
5) What is your budget? (Please check my pricing below)
6) When do you need it finished?

The price varies based on several factors.

  • Portrait size: most common sizes are 18×24, 36×24, and 30×40 inches.
  • The complexity: number of people, backgrounds, etc.
  • Painting from life or photo.
  • The quality of the photo reference.

Pets portraits prices start with $250 for 6″x6″ and go up depending on size, etc. Portraits of a person or group of people range from $350 (6″x6″) and go up to $10,000 or higher: depending on size, number of people, etc.

Portrait’s quality depends significantly on the quality of a reference photo; Please contact the artist for advise on photos (angles, light, etc) and try to use professional reference photo to maximize the potential of the painting. 

You can see examples/sizes/prices on page For Sale–> Giclees of my complete paintings are also available in different sizes- starting with $45.

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