Below are a few testimonials and some letters to me from my previous clients-art collectors. If you want to add your testimonial please contact me here->

“Tatiana’s talent has no boundaries! She has the remarkable ability to understand her clients’ vision and put it on canvas, ceilings or walls, exceeding their expectations with her stunning talent. Tatiana has done several projects for me including a portrait, murals and a Tromp L’oeil of Bacchus, the God of wine that hangs in Bella’s for all to view. In addition to her expertise, she’s a delight to work with. She is truly gifted!” …by Joanie Corneil. Florida

“17 years ago I was lucky to meet Tatiana and she did a lot of work in my home and Bradenton…murals, Trompe l’oeil and I have purchased a large portrait of a woman in Tuscany and also a Bacchus. I am now living in Honolulu and sadly had to leave all of that beauty behind but the two paintings are with me and I delight in them every day. Tatiana is extremely gifted and personable and I always enjoy seeing what project she’s working on next. Mahalo and aloha” …by Gina Schultz, Hawaii

“Last week, I was able to meet the artist who envisioned and painted three murals in a home my spouse and I had recently purchased.  Meeting the artist, and my expectation from that encounter, was exceeded in every possible way. Tatiana lives up to the belief in her talent, her kindness and her positive energy.  She is the light that is magnified in her paintings. Read more->by Karren Morgan. Florida

“I have known Artist Tatiana Rugers for approximately ten years. I have personally seen her artwork in various form, on canvas, on walls, in homes and in businesses. In 2018, I contracted with Tatiana to create a painting of our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The result was exactly what I envisioned, a painting which I am very proud to hang in my home. I cannot recommend Tatiana more highly as she is extremely talented, focused, and kind.” …by Barbara Wesley, North Carolina

“Tatiana does the most amazing work. The Trompe l’Oeil ceiling canvas she did for my dining room is absolutely stunning ❣️” …by Rita Wrightenberry Sinn. Florida

The wonderful portrait of me and my wife adorns the wall of our living room. Admired by everyone visiting us. Thank you Tatiana for this wonderfully crafted painting!” …by Jan Hallberg, Sweden

“Портрет моего сфинкса, написанной художницей Tatiana Rugers, не просто красив. Он очень одухотворен прекрасным, почти человеческим взглядом синих глаз, проникающим вам прямо в сердце. Умение художника сочетать эти легкие, изысканные цвета и оттенки серого, голубого и розово- кораллового цветов создает мечтательное настроение.Все работы художника отличает превосходное выполнение. И главное, что отличает ее портреты, это глубокий, будоражащий вас взгляд, где-то веселый, с искорками, где-то умиротворенный, даже чем-то упрекающий вас. Я бы сказала, что она- мастер взгляда и превосходных оттенков.” …by Tatiana Rakova, Russia

“Tatiana painted a mural in my home and it is beautiful! We are so impressed with her work and so happy with the way it turned out. She is truly a talented artist.” ….by Nancy Faller Brown. Florida

‘We are very fortunate to have this amazing artist in Tampa. Tatiana’s paintings are work of museum piece, her line, colors, values and movement takes your breath away. Bravo!” …by Ghazala Sharma. Florida

Love her work! I’ve had two portraits done and live them both so much. Highly recommended!”by Shawn Vanderhart. Florida

Painting lessons with the talented artist Tatiana Rugers have a completely new concept of presenting the material. Literally from the first lessons, you begin to understand…” Read more -> …by Marina Solodova. Florida

“Tatiana is an amazing artist. She is exceptional at capturing the pure essence of her subject matter.  I commissioned a picture for my brother of his pup Louie. We are delighted with the completed picture.  She is a delight to work with and has great energy and vision that is evident in all her work.  She is a true artist.” …by Debbie Rogers, Florida

*** TRANSLATIONS of some comments above:”

“The portrait of my sphinx by artist Tatiana Rugers is not just beautiful. He is very inspired by the beautiful, almost human look of blue eyes, penetrating you right into the heart. The artist’s ability to combine these light, refined colors and shades of gray, blue and pink-coral colors creates a dreamy mood. All the artist’s works are distinguished by excellent execution. And the main thing that distinguishes her portraits is a deep, excitatory  look, somewhere cheerful, with sparks, somewhere peaceful, somewhere reproachful. I would say that she is a master of painting the eyes attitudes and excellent hues” … by Tatiana Rakova, Russia

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