Meeting with the artist . Story by Karren M. Morgann

There’s a famous quote that has been used in popular culture about you should never meet your heroes (or idols). This is due to the person never living up to a standard or expectation you’ve built up in your head or a belief that is unrealistic. Last week, I was able to meet the artist who envisioned and painted three murals in a home my spouse and I had recently purchased.  Meeting the artist, and my expectation from that encounter, was exceeded in every possible way. Tatiana lives up to the belief in her talent, her kindness and her positive energy.  She is the light that is magnified in her paintings.  

I had been living in my new home a couple months, looked at the artist’s blog online a few times, and finally decided it was time to introduce myself to Tatiana Rugers and inquire if she ever had the opportunity to see her incredible paintings after the murals were adhered to the walls of my Tuscan-style home.  Every day, I look at these paintings and imagine where this Italian winery is located or if it’s even real or some days when I walk down the hallway and cast my eyes on the lake scene imagery I wonder if it’s Lake Como or somewhere in the magical region of Tuscany. Is this painting a real place or an interpretation of a few wineries on as seen during international travels Tatiana has made with her husband?  What was the artist thinking when she painted these images? These thoughts pass through my mind each time I look at these paintings and getting to meet Tatiana was an exciting thought for me. 

Having an opportunity to talk with an artist briefly at a gallery or art fair is a rewarding experience, let alone invite them into your home for coffee and to view her masterwork is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people.  I was able to purchase another piece of Ms. Rugers’ work titled “Five Great Vintages” and immediately knew it would perfectly compliment the other artwork themed around Italy and wine.  I had been looking at it online for a few weeks and figured I better hurry up and purchase the piece or it was going to slip through my fingers at any moment and I’d be forever upset with myself and know this painting was the one that “got away”.  The more exciting part of my purchase was that Tatiana Rugers would deliver it to me in person and I would be able to ask her about the artwork and learn a little insight into her imagination, creativity, and inspiration.  She exceeded my expectations and helped me learn more about my paintings, what inspires her and a little bit about her life, her work, and her passions.  It was the most delightful afternoon and a day I won’t forget. 

All the paintings are now more personal to me, and I feel a stronger connection to them because I was able to peek into Tatiana’s world, learn how she views beauty in the world.  Now since our visit, I see Tatiana’s shining personality reflected from the canvases on which she created her vision.  I respect and value the artwork even more and the paintings feel like they are mine now rather than the former owners of the home.  Tatiana’s painting of an Oak barrel that resides at the entryway of my front door is slowing becoming symbols of a memory of a trip my husband and I made to Tenuta Le Velette winery in Orvieto in the Umbrian region of Italy.            

I have been to Italy three times in the last decade and spent the last couple years learning more about Italian wines such as Brunello Di Montalcino.  Ms. Rugers paintings speak to me as a reminder of good times spent in Italy and before these crazy times of COVID.  The newest addition of her painting of “Five Great Vintages” will expand on my desire to try new varieties of wine and to go beyond what I already know and try new experiences and tastes.  I am grateful to Tatiana for that afternoon visit and the newest addition to my Tatiana Rugers’ collection of Italian inspired moments.  I can now say I’m an art collector and I know the artist.  What a gift!

Karren Morgan

from Tatiana Rugers: Thank you Karren! That story touched my heart . I am truly grateful and inspired!

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