Trompe l’Oeil class for beginners by artist Tatiana Rugers. Progress.

Trompe l’Oeil is one of my favorite styles of painting. It is French term and means “fool the eye”. Or often it is also called “art of Illusions”. I designed that beginner Trompe l’Oeil class for my private student . It’s a lot to learn and veery technical at the beginning classes but these absolutelyContinue reading “Trompe l’Oeil class for beginners by artist Tatiana Rugers. Progress.”

Cappuccino in Florence. New painting progress

This is a my new painting progress. Temporary name of it now is “Cappuccino in Florence”. This summer one of my destination was once again beautiful Florence. I took so many photos of the city which I love. And that painting is based on my experience – absolutely gorgeous young Italian barman was making myContinue reading “Cappuccino in Florence. New painting progress”

New portrait from photo by Florida artist Tatiana Rugers

Acquire my work-> or learn: How to commission a portrait-> New portrait I completed recently. Painted from a photographs references. My goal was to paint the beauty of the moment, the peace and wisdom in her eyes and thoughts.

Travel and Inspirations – Summer 2022. France, Spain, Italy

Acquire my work and learn: How to commission a portrait Every summer I try to travel overseas to discover again how beautiful and multicolored the world and it’s people are. This year I went to France, Spain and Italy. I am back home now and need to go through a million of my photos: cities,Continue reading “Travel and Inspirations – Summer 2022. France, Spain, Italy”