Interview with artist Tatiana Rugers at Tampa magazine.

A new interview just was posted by Tampa Voyage: read about Tampa Bay artist Tatiana Rugers Acquire my work-> or learn: How to commission a portrait-> Acquire my work-> or learn: How to commission a portrait->

Progress of a small portrait. Summer 2022. New colors

I started a new contemporary portrait, and as many times before – at some point the progress of my painting captivates me. I love that raw stage : not a finished portrait but a lot of energy and potentials. And as always I experimenting with brushstrokes and new colors combinations. Acquire my work-> or learn: HowContinue reading “Progress of a small portrait. Summer 2022. New colors”

New portrait from photo by Florida artist Tatiana Rugers

Acquire my work-> or learn: How to commission a portrait-> New portrait I completed recently. Painted from a photographs references. My goal was to paint the beauty of the moment, the peace and wisdom in her eyes and thoughts.

“Lunch in Paris”. Painting progress steps.

Steps of progress of that painting in the blog below. Every time when I start any painting or a portrait I have some idea of colors and composition but not all 100%. During painting process I might change colors and some elements of composition. Like in the case of that portrait. The idea to addContinue reading ““Lunch in Paris”. Painting progress steps.”

New portrait commission. Progress

This photo is of my new portrait commission in progress. “The kiss”. Not a typical portrait commission at all! Love it! I am experimenting with fun colors to reflect the beauty and fun of that kiss. To contact artist for inquiries->to see Special prices for Valentine’s ->  How to commission a portrait or a customContinue reading “New portrait commission. Progress”