Holidays sale prices for original art and portraits commissions

Offer valid through 01/01/2022 In respect for Holidays please  20% off listed prices for original art listed on “For sale page –> Please contact artist for inquiries. And also 20% of portrait commissions. Please see regular prices, sizes and process on page “Portraits/Commissions”. Below is just one example: Regular price – $2,400. Holidays price – $1,920. “30×24” “Venice,Continue reading “Holidays sale prices for original art and portraits commissions”

New painting “New Orleans street music”

Finished today. This is my second version of my previous painting “New Orleans street music”. I change constantly and the way I paint does too. I hope you are enjoying it. Love New Orleans and love it’s street musicians, they bring joy to our souls and hearts. Without them the city would not be asContinue reading “New painting “New Orleans street music””