Trompe l’Oeil class for beginners by artist Tatiana Rugers . Review by the student

Trompe l’Oeil, or as it called sometimes -Art of Illusions, is one of my favorite styles of painting. I truly enjoy demonstrating it in art shows and teaching the secrets of it to my students. Currently I am teaching a private Trompe l’Oeil class for beginners. Below is a review by my student, Florida residentContinue reading “Trompe l’Oeil class for beginners by artist Tatiana Rugers . Review by the student”

Just Finished. New commission portrait. The Kiss.

I painted many formal portraits. This one is not formal at all- just pure joy and fun! I just finished it: Portrait commission “The Kiss”. I love joy and beauty of this couple! To contact artist for inquiries->to see Special prices for Valentine’s ->  How to commission a portrait or a custom Art -> AcquireContinue reading “Just Finished. New commission portrait. The Kiss.”

Eyes of new portrait-commission. Under-painting step

When painting a portrait after sketching it I always start working on eyes. There are many ways you can start developing a portrait. Why I choose eyes? May be because they connect me to a soul of the person I paint? Beginning of my new painting- commission. Under-painting step. To see art by Tatiana RugersContinue reading “Eyes of new portrait-commission. Under-painting step”

New painting “New Orleans street music”

Finished today. This is my second version of my previous painting “New Orleans street music”. I change constantly and the way I paint does too. I hope you are enjoying it. Love New Orleans and love it’s street musicians, they bring joy to our souls and hearts. Without them the city would not be asContinue reading “New painting “New Orleans street music””

Louie. Portrait of French bulldog puppy

Just finished. Presenting portrait of Louie – absolutely adorable French bulldog puppy. Just finished. Sold. As always with portraits of pets- I had several photos which helps me to study the character before I paint a portrait. Contact me for commissions here –> As always I appreciate everyone of you for your likes and whoContinue reading “Louie. Portrait of French bulldog puppy”