Trompe l’Oeil class for beginners by artist Tatiana Rugers . Review by the student

Trompe l’Oeil, or as it called sometimes -Art of Illusions, is one of my favorite styles of painting. I truly enjoy demonstrating it in art shows and teaching the secrets of it to my students. Currently I am teaching a private Trompe l’Oeil class for beginners. Below is a review by my student, Florida resident – Marina Solodova:

Painting lessons with the talented artist Tatiana Rugers have a completely new concept of presenting the material. Literally from the first lessons, you begin to understand that the incomprehensibility of transferring volume on paper is not as complicated as it seemed. Tatiana’s explanations are based on vast experience, analytical approach and the construction of complex techniques into an amazingly coherent set of simple and accessible structures for the student, allowing you to achieve amazing results in a fairly short time. I am grateful that there is such a structured class of Tatiana Rugers.

I am grateful Marina!

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