International Salon 2016 St.Petersburg Russia. Host-Tatiana Rugers

Salon 2016 was organized and hosted by Salon member Tatiana Rugers. It was held in St.Petersburg Russia in beautiful and one of the most famous historical exhibition centers of Russia- House of Union of Artists in St.Petersburg which was built in 1820. In 1833, Tsar Nicholas I formally confirmed the Society’s existence by law and placed it under his personal protection. Read more here—>

Great Salon 2016! Great art, great participants and great location! We had about 100 participants : artists and official friends of Salon from 20 countries. Theme of Salon 2016 was “Art and the City”- encouraging Salon artists from many countries to create an exposition art panel which would reflect a favorite piece of art/monument/architecture of each artist’s city and country.

During 4 days of Salon 2016: on the first floor of our venue the visitors could see Exhibition panels of Salon members, Master classes and common mural painting; On the second floor – live demonstrations by all participants.

Post-Salon 2016 tours : Hermitage; Peterhof ; Savior on the Spilled Blood church

Salon Exhibition, Master classes and Demonstrations

Closing dinner at Ambassador hotel -one of official hotels for participants of Salon 2016

Post-Salon 2016 tours : Hermitage; Peterhof ; Savior on the Spilled Blood church

Video – interview with Salon 2016 participants: click here –>

Three year before Salon 2016 I started to work on organizing Salon-festival in St.Petersburg Russia. ( на русском -внизу). Yes, it was a lot of work , but I knew that none of Salon members visited or exhibited in Russia and everyone had a dream to visit and exhibit in Russia. I believed that I could make those dreams come true and organize Salon in Russia. I want to thank every participant and every instructor of master-classes of Salon 2016 -you brought your energy and talents and shared it with everyone! I want to thank our sponsors who added to success of Salon 2016 in St.Petersburg. No matter how big or small your contribution was- all was very valuable. I want to thank founders of Salon who many years ago created concept and ground “stones” for all Salon shows to follow. Salon 2016 was spectacular event! Yet again, our 21st addition – Salon 2016 in St.Petersburg Russia demonstrated it’s incredible magic of talents, creativity and great friendship of Artists from 20 countries! Thank you to St.Petersburg and Union of Artists of St.Petersburg who opened the doors of a great historical venue and gave me support on organization of Salon 2016!

Sincerely, Host of Salon 2016-Tatiana Rugers

Три года назад я начала работать над организацией Салона – фестиваля в Санкт-Петербурге. Конечно было много работы, но я знала, что многие из вас мечтали уже более 20 лет посетить и выставить свои работы в России. Я верила, что могу претворить ваши мечты в реальность и организовать Салон в России. Я хочу поблагодарить каждого участника и инструктора мастер – классов Салона 2016- за вашу энергию и таланты, которыми вы щедро делились со всеми!Я хочу поблагодарить всех спонсоров, кто помог успеху Салона. Независимо от размера помощи- все было очень важно и ценно.Спасибо Санкт -Петербургу и Союзу Художников Санкт-Петербурга, которые открыли двери знаменитого исторической выставочного зала для Садона 2016! Я хочу поблагодарить основателей Салона, которые много лет назад заложили идею Салона и традиции для всех будущих Салонов.Салон 2016 был восхитительным событием. И снова, уже в 21 раз Салон показал свою магию творчества и сильной дружбы между художниками из 20 стран.Спасибо вам всем! Искренне, Организатор Салона 2016, Татьяна Руджерс

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