New Trompe l’Oeil 2022. Underpainting – in progress

Trompe l’Oeil – is always one of my favorite styles of painting. On that photo – detail in progress of a new Trompe l’Oeil. As always on that step I check the values and modify the form. So much work ahead before that painting will be done. Acquire my work-> or learn: How to commission aContinue reading “New Trompe l’Oeil 2022. Underpainting – in progress”

Beginning of new painting-Prayer for Peace.

This is the beginning of my new painting “Prayers for peace”. As many of us I felt pain in my heart and sadness for a long time now. I could not paint at all. Sending my prayers for peace. To contact artist for inquiries->to see Special prices for Valentine’s ->  How to commission a portraitContinue reading “Beginning of new painting-Prayer for Peace.”

New painting started. Inspired by Barcelona.

20% off Holidays Sale continues—> Check it out! About the image on this post: My recent travel to Barcelona inspired me to start a new paining. This is just beginning stage where you can still see that some colors started appear but you can still can see sketch lines . Very emotional stage of myContinue reading “New painting started. Inspired by Barcelona.”

Started a new portrait- Sphinx cat Melissa

Art for sale * Portraits/Commissions * Trompe l’Oeil * News * About * Classes *Murals * Archive * Contact A new commission – a small portrait of Sphinx cat. This is a beginning stage – on that step I usually block colors and search for background, etc. That cat’s name is Melissa, and she livesContinue reading “Started a new portrait- Sphinx cat Melissa”

New painting progress. Inspired by Venice carnival

Venice Carnival 2021 is just finished, I was watching it trough the posts of FB. Seeing the fantasy and magnificent costumed people inspired me to start a new painting. That stage is just a beginning. Stay tuned for the updates. To see art for sale by Tatiana Rugers –>Follow my posts here and on Instagram–>