Beginning of new painting-Prayer for Peace.

This is the beginning of my new painting “Prayers for peace”. As many of us I felt pain in my heart and sadness for a long time now. I could not paint at all. Sending my prayers for peace. To contact artist for inquiries->to see Special prices for Valentine’s ->  How to commission a portraitContinue reading “Beginning of new painting-Prayer for Peace.”

Sketching-New portrait-July 2020

Just started new painting. As always beginning stages are so exciting. There are so much potentials, so many versions it can become. I have an idea of course but it’s not only me in this process. The painting and that Divine connection will take over my brushes and my choices when I paint. The magicContinue reading “Sketching-New portrait-July 2020”

Stay well and healthy. My Trompe l’Oeil on canvas.

A few words of my Trompe l’Oeil painting of Madonna. I do not know much at all about religion, but I think about myself as a spiritual person. And I do respect all religions. Whatever your believes and symbols are- may them help you in your times of challenges in life in your meditation orContinue reading “Stay well and healthy. My Trompe l’Oeil on canvas.”

Meeting with the artist Tatiana Rugers. January 14th in Sarasota, Florida.

Please contact artist Tatiana Rugers if you would like to attend presentation.

Salon 2018. Photos of exhibition.

Another successful and incredible  Salon Art show gathered about 100 artists from 22 countries. I was honored to exhibit and demonstrate my art together with my talented colleges from all over the world.