Stay well and healthy. My Trompe l’Oeil on canvas.

A few words of my Trompe l’Oeil painting of Madonna. I do not know much at all about religion, but I think about myself as a spiritual person. And I do respect all religions. Whatever your believes and symbols are- may them help you in your times of challenges in life in your meditation or a prayer.

Most of us will be fine. But it’s not only about us as individuals. we should make sure not to spread the virus! We all should think about elderly and people with health preconditions who can be effected badly by coronavirus. Wash hands, avoid crowds and stay home if you are sick. Be healthy and well everyone! Sending you all my love and prayers for good health.

I would like to share with you great tips from Dr. Lisa Koche. She wrote:

With all of the fear going on about the coronavirus I wanted to chime in with my take on how best to prepare. ⠀

First of all, remember that the number one thing that will suppress your immune system and make you the MOST vulnerable for illness is Fear.

There is a lot of information everywhere-some of which is not even close to factual. I am not going to try and separate the truth from the fiction but what I WILL do is approach this like I do my patients and my own life. ⠀

We can only handle ourselves and our responses to what is going on around us!!⠀
What everyone needs right now is to be proactive and to remain calm. What can you do to be proactive?⠀

To start, make sure that you take care of yourself. ⠀

Don’t get run down, make sure you are getting 7-8 hours of good sleep, and eat clean/unprocessed food. ⠀

Stay hydrated, exercise or at least walk for 15min daily and go on you tube to try some guided meditations or continue your current meditation practice. These basic recommendations are ones you have heard before and you may stay on a routine and then get off but in these times you MUST stay on top of your game.⠀

Specific recommendations to help prevent the spread or contraction of viruses include:⠀

1. Frequent hand washing⠀

2. Limit air travel if able-if you must fly take a multitude of antiaxidants(see below) before and after as well as try not to eat much right before or on the flight (especially not the typical airport sweet snacks!)⠀

3. Stay home if you are sick⠀

4. Start a regimen of vit D3 (preferably combined with K2) 5000 with food, vitamin C 1000mg with meals, Vit A 20000 (not beta carotene sourced), can also add a high quality turmeric and glutathione product (we have all on our website)⠀

5. If you get a cold or symptoms add in monolaurin (an antiviral herb)⠀

6. Find a location near you that provides IV vitaminotherapy (we have amazing high dose vit c protocols that get people over feeling sick FAST)⠀

Remember most importantly to keep your mindset in love 🥰 and not fear 😩⠀

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