Wine Art Portrait “Love at first sip” by Artist Tatiana Rugers

Finished! “Love at first sip” – my first painting on 2023. Thank you so much to my dear friend Sarah for allowing me to use her photo and to be a beautiful and inspiring Muse! To give me an artistic freedom “to do whatever I want with your photo”😊🎨Grateful to my dear friend Ghazala SharmaContinue reading “Wine Art Portrait “Love at first sip” by Artist Tatiana Rugers”

Fine wines and Bacchus. Art Collection

After I finished my “Barcelona” painting I’ve been searching for inspiration for a new work. Or perhaps I should think about art collection under common theme? Well, one of the theme and subjects of my paintings were fine wines and Bacchus. To contact artist for inquiries->to see Special prices for Valentine’s ->  How to commissionContinue reading “Fine wines and Bacchus. Art Collection”

20% off Sale continues. Painting “5 great wines” SOLD

Just sold. Wrapping and delivering tomorrow .If you want to give an Art gift for yourself or to your friend or family – sale 20% off still continues till 1/1/2022. See available art for sale on–> How to commission a portrait or a custom Art -> Acquire my work –>art for sale by Tatiana RugersContinue reading “20% off Sale continues. Painting “5 great wines” SOLD”