Wine Art Portrait “Love at first sip” by Artist Tatiana Rugers

Finished! “Love at first sip” – my first painting on 2023. Thank you so much to my dear friend Sarah for allowing me to use her photo and to be a beautiful and inspiring Muse! To give me an artistic freedom “to do whatever I want with your photo”😊🎨Grateful to my dear friend Ghazala SharmaContinue reading “Wine Art Portrait “Love at first sip” by Artist Tatiana Rugers”

My first painting in 2023. In progress. Portrait Artist Tatiana Rugers, Tampa bay Florida

contact Artist -> with your inquiries. learn: How to commission a portrait-> On that video-my first painting in 2023 -in progress . On that step I reestablish lighter areas on the face and also I continue to redefine face geometry. Many more layers to come after. My Muse for that painting is our beautiful friend Sarah. GrandContinue reading “My first painting in 2023. In progress. Portrait Artist Tatiana Rugers, Tampa bay Florida”

Cappuccino in Florence. New painting progress

This is a my new painting progress. Temporary name of it now is “Cappuccino in Florence”. This summer one of my destination was once again beautiful Florence. I took so many photos of the city which I love. And that painting is based on my experience – absolutely gorgeous young Italian barman was making myContinue reading “Cappuccino in Florence. New painting progress”

Art, stone crabs and fine wine!

Art for sale * Portraits/Commissions * Trompe l’Oeil * News * About Classes *Murals * Archive Stone crabs season recently opened in Florida! If you are like me, stone crabs is the best seafood in the world. But they are good only in Florida: just caught and never frozen. And of course they are great with white fine wines from Burgundy. I took a photo ofContinue reading “Art, stone crabs and fine wine!”

New portrait finished. Sphinx cat Melissa

Art for sale * Portraits/Commissions * Trompe l’Oeil * News * About * Classes *Murals * Archive * Contact I finally had time to work more on that portrait and finished it today. Introducing Melissa – Sphinx cat. Yes, you can imagine, she is a character. There is something mystical about that type of cats, don’t you think? How to commission a portrait or a custom Art -> Acquire myContinue reading “New portrait finished. Sphinx cat Melissa”