Self-portrait with Rose wine. Artist Tatiana Rugers, Tampa Florida

“Glass of Rose on a windy day”, 2023 self-portrait by Artist Tatiana RugersStory: I started that portrait as live demonstration at International Salon Chamonix, France in 2019. Then after I simply did not have time to finish it. Recently I found that time and almost 4 years after it is done! contact Artist -> with yourContinue reading “Self-portrait with Rose wine. Artist Tatiana Rugers, Tampa Florida”

Fine wines and Bacchus. Art Collection

After I finished my “Barcelona” painting I’ve been searching for inspiration for a new work. Or perhaps I should think about art collection under common theme? Well, one of the theme and subjects of my paintings were fine wines and Bacchus. To contact artist for inquiries->to see Special prices for Valentine’s ->  How to commissionContinue reading “Fine wines and Bacchus. Art Collection”