Street singer with Guitar in Rome. Beginning of a new painting

I devote my new painting to all Italians who are on quarantine now and who sing and play music from their balconies. I started a new painting recently and it is based on my photos and memories of visiting Rome. One of my favorite piazzas in Rome is Piazza Fiori. It is a beautiful flowersContinue reading “Street singer with Guitar in Rome. Beginning of a new painting”

I miss Venice. Starting a new painting.

I am starting a new painting – and that image is of detail, few first strokes. It is loosely based on some photos of my previous visit to magical Venice. As we all are self-isolated and keep social distances at this time of pandemic, we should stay positive. It’s good for our immune system asContinue reading “I miss Venice. Starting a new painting.”

Different opinions. Sketch for portrait of 2 dogs.

This image is of my sketch for future portrait of 2 dogs commission. From many photos which I received of those dogs I could use 4 only, where the photos were taken in good light and on eye level. I had to combine faces in some photos with bodies from another 2 photos – toContinue reading “Different opinions. Sketch for portrait of 2 dogs.”

Golden November. Street Guitar player in New Orleans

Today I finished my painting “Golden November in New Orleans”. Why that name? Simply because it was based from my memories of one of my trips to New Orleans in November. Love magic and fun of that city. And love street musicians. As always when travel I take many photos and in one of themContinue reading “Golden November. Street Guitar player in New Orleans”

Starting a new painting. Music to my ears.

Traveling is not a good idea during this pandemic. But I do look often at my traveling photos from the past – to re-leave the moment in the past and to be inspired. One of my photos- a photo of street musician in New Orleans, inspired me. I am posting my painting in a startingContinue reading “Starting a new painting. Music to my ears.”