When is the right time for a portrait of my grandchildren?

Yesterday I was asked when, at what age is the right time for a portrait of my grandchildren? What do you think?

I think that the answer is – now. Why? Simply because they change so quickly. Not only the way they look but their personality too. How do you capture it? Of course you can have many photos. But we all know that only a painting- not a photo can capture emotion, personality and trigger your feeling and the memory of that instant moment.

I have been fortunate  to paint many portraits of grandchildren and children. And it is simply precious and always emotional  when I would deliver and reveal a portrait of a child.  I often see happy tears in the eyes of parents or great-parents and excitement in their voice saying to me “It’s is my baby!..” It’s always magic to me and I am grateful.

So why not to have that portrait of your child painted now? And may be later – another portrait of another great moment in your child life?

Yes, children do not pose. How can they ? They have to move every moment! So I do paint from photos. But I want to tell you that not every photo can be an inspiration for a portrait. Please contact me about details how to order portrait and choose the right reference photo /or photos.

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