Meeting with the artist Tatiana Rugers. January 14th in Sarasota, Florida.

Please contact artist Tatiana Rugers if you would like to attend presentation.


Salon 2018. Getting ready for International Art show in Netherlanders

Salon 2018. Getting ready for International Art show in Netherlanders. #SalonForever

Only a couple of weeks till this year International  Salon 2018! Are you planning to visit? You will see 100 artists  from 22 countries exhibiting large painting. Also each artist will paint live and demonstrate their techniques of Trompe l’Oeil, Grisaiiles, Portraits, Fresco and more. I hope to see you there!info for Salon 2018       ->My profile on Salon 2018 site   All participants Salon 2018 

What I will exhibit and paint this year at Salon? I am still did not decide on demonstration panel. But I almost finished my exhibition painting. This is photo of it at the beginning stages. Come to Salon 2018 to see full painting!1-progress 2smMy next blog will be from Salon 2018. Stay tuned! Meanwhile – a few photos from Salon which I had honor to organize in St.Petersburg Russia in 2016:

Sketching-New portrait-July 2020

Just started new painting. As always beginning stages are so exciting. There are so much potentials, so many versions it can become. I have an idea of course but it’s not only me in this process. The painting and that Divine connection will take over my brushes and my choices when I paint. The magic of creation.

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Latina Beauty. New painting

Just finished a new painting. Just finished. “Latina Beauty”. Available. For inquiries please contact artist Tatiana Rugers—>
Painting on stretched canvas : 6″x6″-$250 To see more art by Tatiana Rugers –>

New paintings in 2020-look back.

Look back on my paintings in 2020 as of June. Some of these paintings are still available. As many artists in the past or current artists I paint what I love. Love traveling, music, fine wines, flowers, pets and so much more. Love life! I hope you do too!

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Red-white-and Blue. New painting

My new painting on stretched canvas: 6 x 6 inches. Available for $250 plus shipping. Inspiration for my new painting were photos from my talented friend Elena – her photos of flowers in beautiful vases on her window.

In this work I decided to paint specific flowers or vases, I decided to paint reflections of colors, lights and emotion of joy which are triggered in us when we see the flowers in the window. The way impressionists did.

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God of Wines and Lafitte-new painting

Just yesterday I finished that painting and posted it on facebook- “Bacchus and Lafitte 1982”. After a few hours on FB it got sold.
Contemporary Trompe l’Oeil on canvas. Inspirations for that painting were : statue of Bacchus and our last bottle of 1982 Lafitte. Great vintage.

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