Meeting with the artist Tatiana Rugers. January 14th in Sarasota, Florida.

Please contact artist Tatiana Rugers if you would like to attend presentation.


Salon 2018. Getting ready for International Art show in Netherlanders

Salon 2018. Getting ready for International Art show in Netherlanders. #SalonForever

Only a couple of weeks till this year International  Salon 2018! Are you planning to visit? You will see 100 artists  from 22 countries exhibiting large painting. Also each artist will paint live and demonstrate their techniques of Trompe l’Oeil, Grisaiiles, Portraits, Fresco and more. I hope to see you there!info for Salon 2018       ->My profile on Salon 2018 site   All participants Salon 2018 

What I will exhibit and paint this year at Salon? I am still did not decide on demonstration panel. But I almost finished my exhibition painting. This is photo of it at the beginning stages. Come to Salon 2018 to see full painting!1-progress 2smMy next blog will be from Salon 2018. Stay tuned! Meanwhile – a few photos from Salon which I had honor to organize in St.Petersburg Russia in 2016:

Italy. Music. Girl with Electric guitar.

Just finished – my third painting during quarantine and lock down. Inspired by travels to Italy and my photos of street artists. I think I am starting appreciate art and painting even more then I did before. Perhaps creativity takes all of us to a better place? Painting is definitely a blessing to me.

To see beginning stage of this painting –>

Available. Contact artist for inquiries

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Trompe l’Oeil painting “Great Petrus vintage”.

Trompe l’Oeil is usually translated as ‘full the eye’ . It’s one of my favorite styles of painting which creates an illusion of 3 dimensions. I am posting here one of my old paintings of a wine bottle of Petrus 1947- it was a great vintage .

On my website you can see many different styles of Trompe l’Oeil in my paintings of different illusions- of a tile, of bass relief, mosaic, illusion of a niche with vase, and more – here–>

You can see my previous post here –>

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Street singer with Guitar in Rome. Beginning of a new painting

I devote my new painting to all Italians who are on quarantine now and who sing and play music from their balconies. I started a new painting recently and it is based on my photos and memories of visiting Rome. One of my favorite piazzas in Rome is Piazza Fiori. It is a beautiful flowers and fruit market during the date time with cafes on perimeter of the square . But in the evening all marked stands are removed, and it is fun and charming place to come to have a simple Italian dinner with a glass of vine and watch singers and performers street show.

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I miss Venice. Starting a new painting.

I am starting a new painting – and that image is of detail, few first strokes. It is loosely based on some photos of my previous visit to magical Venice.

As we all are self-isolated and keep social distances at this time of pandemic, we should stay positive. It’s good for our immune system as many doctors are saying. I miss my friends, gym and many social activities. How do I stay positive? To me – of course, is to connect with all my dear friends online or on the phone. And then painting. Painting is one of blessings in my life: it takes me to a happy place and always an adventure.

As always I appreciate everyone of you for your likes and who follow my news.

Different opinions. Sketch for portrait of 2 dogs.

This image is of my sketch for future portrait of 2 dogs commission. From many photos which I received of those dogs I could use 4 only, where the photos were taken in good light and on eye level. I had to combine faces in some photos with bodies from another 2 photos – to have best facial expressions. And I thought that my sketch highlighted the dogs beauty and added an emotional situation: it looks like two of them had “conversation” but did not really agree with each other. After submitting that sketch I learned that person who commissioned that portrait wanted the dogs to be in different poses. And that means that I will be waiting for more photos of them in that specific pose, as my client requested. And hope that photos are taken with good light, on eye level and in high definition.

Of course I can “make up” positions and shapes, etc. But then the dogs will not be your dogs! Something will be missing. I think that is important to understand.

Obviously dogs will not pose for artist to paint them. I usually ask for several photos of the dogs for me to study their character, colors, shapes etc. Then I select one or two of the photos which could be a good reference photo and paint the portrait trying to capture the personality and character in their eyes , faces and shapes. So the portrait would have emotional connection to the owner.

When I have request for portrait of 2 or more dogs – I will make sketch with composition which I think is the best. Unless I have good reference photo in exact position which my client desires.

I will post more later about recommendations for taking a good reference photo of your pet. In that commission of dogs portrait the request was to reflect their characters and their adorable faces. Hence – the good light photos on the eye level and high resolution photos are required.

There is a lesson for me here also : an important reminder to myself: to make sure to ask if a client wants a certain exact composition or I have full freedom to select the best composition how I see it.