Ceiling Trompe l’Oeil on canvas.

One of my previous commissions – Trompe l’Oeil mural on canvas for a private residence. On that photo I am with one of two halves of the center panels. There were 8 side panels also. The photo of completed mural and installation below. The challenge of that project was that all 8 sides of octagonalContinue reading “Ceiling Trompe l’Oeil on canvas.”

Mural: Amalfi coast, Italy with Trompe l’Oeil element.

I made that composition not from a real place photo – but from my client’s ideas of what they want to see in the dining room. I added a fruit bowl to add Trompe l’Oeil effect. That photo was in my studio. Later on mural was installed with paste onto the wall by professional wallContinue reading “Mural: Amalfi coast, Italy with Trompe l’Oeil element.”