Painting progress. Venice. Self-isolation

Self-isolation – my work. Look back on 3 stages (of many) of one of my paintings I was working during quarantine. I always start with a general idea for the painting. But then it evolves and dictates to me the changes and choices I make in colors and correction to composition. You can see itContinue reading “Painting progress. Venice. Self-isolation”

Come back to Venice. Finished painting

I started that painting in March and posted some progress photos of it before. I do miss Venice. Do you? I am sure that Venice also misses us. How can you imaging this magnificent city without tourists? Right? Hopefully this pandemic will end soon and we all start planning our trips again. That painting isContinue reading “Come back to Venice. Finished painting”

I miss Venice. Painting progress. Artist Tatiana Rugers

This is photo of my painting in progress . I started to work on it a while ago but then got interrupted by my new idea – painting of a girl-guitar player which I finished last week. So finally I am ready to go back to my Venice memories. Продолжаю работать над картиной, которую яContinue reading “I miss Venice. Painting progress. Artist Tatiana Rugers”