Salon 2023 International art show coming soon!

Less than 2 weeks to exhibit with my friends at the International Salon! This year it is in San Francisco! On the photo in this blog- Salon in Chamonix, France 2019. Our life demonstrations. Artists from 22 countries will exhibit and demonstrate art of Trompe l’Oeil, gilding, portraits, grotesque and more. To learn more aboutContinue reading “Salon 2023 International art show coming soon!”

Salon 2022 Norway. Facebook page is up

Art for sale * Portraits/Commissions * Trompe l’Oeil * News * About * Classes *Murals * Archive * Contact Announcement: The host of Salon 2022 Inge Visnes created facebook page and posted several updates there already- Check it out and follow updates for Salon 2022 here–> So exciting! Looking forward to to exhibit and paintContinue reading “Salon 2022 Norway. Facebook page is up”