Eyes of the portrait are watching you. Story about my painting at Bella’s Restaurant. Tampa, Florida

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Interesting story about that portrait-commission which I painted recently. Did you experienced in museums that the eyes in the portraits of great masters are alive and look back at you, and follow you if you walk away? So here is a current story – a story about a portrait of Bill Shumate at the restaurant Bella’s. Owner of Bella’s – Joanie Corneil told me that several waiters at Bella’s feel that Bill is looking at them from that painting. Watching them 🙂 . I was happy to here that , it reminded me what I knew about the eyes in portraits of great artists. And it is a huge compliment to my portrait of course too !

So come to Bella’s for a great dinner and check out if Bill is looking at you from the portrait!🍷 The light on that portrait which was installed by Bella’s is museum quality- it does not wash off any delicate hues of my paint strokes and makes the portrait come alive. The portrait has been installed in one of the walls of the restaurant next to the plate from Florida Restaurant Association with recognition of Bill’s achievement as a Board director.

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