18th Birthday girl meets herself when she was 3. Mural with Amanda in Provence, France by Artist Tatiana Rugers

Thank you dear Laurie and Amanda to allow me to share your story in my blog! First of all I want again to wish beautiful Amanda happy 18th Birthday and send her my absolutely best and magical wishes! I met her more then 15 years ago when I started to work on mural for restaurant Chez Bryce in Tampa. Her father and the owner of that restaurant asked me to paint lavender field. But I also simply had to paint his little daughter into that mural. She was absolutely adorable and she was 3 years old. So I needed reference photos of her. But as many little children, she just would not stay still. So, it was a challenge for me – from may be 25 photos I got one perfect! I painted that mural on canvas and it was installed on the wall of that restaurant. When restaurant closed, owners and parents of that girl took mural of the wall and kept it in their house… till surprise reveal for 18th birthday.

Yesterday mother of that beautiful birthday girl posted this little surprise story on facebook, and it touched so many hearts: «So this is a really special post. 15 years ago our dear friend Tatiana Rugers-Artist painted this beautiful mural of Amanda that had a prominent place in Bryce’s restaurant until it closed. We of course took it with us and I decided as a special surprise for Amanda to bring it out for her 18th birthday. When she got home from school she almost cried. Age 3 and age 18 “

The first image in this post – 18 years old Amanda; second – She is 3 years old.

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