Trompe l’Oeil on canvas for Weight loss clinic. Florida

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As I always do when I have commission to paint custom mural or Trompe l’Oeil for business or a private residence, I met with the owner of that weight loss clinic in Clearwater, Florida. He wanted to have a painting done at the reception-waiting area. After our meeting I sketched my ideas for that space and later -during our second meeting that sketch was approved by my client. As we discussed – I painted that Trompe l’Oeil on canvas. The reason why it was not directly on the wall, was that if the owner would sell his clinic, he would want to take off my painting from the wall and take it with him to be installed or stretched and framed to be in his house. On the photo above is the final moments of installation of my painting on canvas. On the photo below – close up of detail.

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