Salon 2019, Chamonix, France.

In April of 2019 I had and an honor to participate in International Salon show in a beautiful Champnix/Monblanc, France, hosted by Pascal Amblard. Once again my great friends and talented artists exhibited and painted live.  I highly recommend to all of you visiting Salon shows to see exhibition panels, to watch and be inspired by live demonstrations, and to experience incredible creative energy from the artists from 20 countries.   I will add here my input to that show – my exhibition and demonstration works. And a shot from 4 days of the show.

To see more photos and a video from Salon 2018 please click on the this link->

Next Salon 2020 will be in Shanghai, ,China in April of 2020. I will write a new blog with information about upcoming Salon soon.

Published by tatianarugers

Professional Portrait and Trompe l'Oeil Artist. USA

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