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Lake Como and Trompe l’Oeil vase – Mural commission for dining room.

A few years ago – in my studio. That was commission for the dining room niche in a private residence. I painted that mural on canvas in my studio. My composition for that painting was inspired by several photos from Lake Como and my imagination . I painted fruit bowl to add Trompe l’Oeil illusionContinue reading “Lake Como and Trompe l’Oeil vase – Mural commission for dining room.”

New painting progress. Inspired by Venice carnival

Venice Carnival 2021 is just finished, I was watching it trough the posts of FB. Seeing the fantasy and magnificent costumed people inspired me to start a new painting. That stage is just a beginning. Stay tuned for the updates. To see art for sale by Tatiana Rugers –>Follow my posts here and on Instagram–>

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